The new iPad App featuring the photography and methodology of George Steinmetz is now available in the iTunes App Store.

  • Hear directly from George how each photograph came to be, as well as the police chases, windstorms, equipment malfunctions and rocky landings that nearly got in the way.
  • Explore satellite imagery and maps of each location to discover exotic places throughout the world where George has taken his pictures.
  • Learn about George’s motorized paraglider and what makes it fly, through interactive graphics and an exclusive video that puts you in the harness.
  • Analyze the details of each picture — George’s camera settings, caption information, and high-resolution enlargements that provide an up-close look.
  • Share your favorite photographs through e-mail at the tap of a button. (Internet connection required.)

Click here to purchase the ABOVE & BEYOND: GEORGE STEINMETZ app.